Dice Push

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How To Play: Dice Push

Using Mouse

About Dice Push

Dice Push is a 3D game of dice and strategy! The concept of the game is simple. Tap the right side of the dice to take an action, but be careful because each time you take an action, you lose one die. If you are able to keep your fingers in sync with the speed of each roll, then this puzzle game will have you hooked from start to finish! You just have to figure out which die will roll when and what actions are appropriate. It all comes down to that fast thinking, quick reactions skills! There are many different ways to play Dice Push. The first time playing it may take a few tries and a bit of trial and error, but there’s no endgame. Different methods for playing allow for endless replay value, keeping players engaged and coming back for more than once. Unlock new achievements as you play so that every time you play it feels like a new

In this game, you have to roll the dice and push them in order to clear all the cubes from the board. Sounds easy? Well, it gets harder as you progress. The objective of each level is to clear all the dice from the board without exceeding a certain number of moves. The cubes will keep getting restocked into the board so be quick and steady while rolling that dice. On your way through the levels, you will encounter various obstacles such as locked cubes, spiked cubes etc that you must use your logic and street smarts to overcome. There are also bonus stars on every level that can be used as currency once you complete that level. Be careful not to overuse these stars or else they will be taken away permanently. You can purchase power ups like bomb, magnet, parachute and more with these bonus stars once you unlock them on your

There are lots of games that focus on getting the player to quickly react or think logically. But what about games that let you slow down and take a deep breath? The objective is simple: push all the dice as far as you can. Sounds easy? It gets harder and harder with every