Dragon Fall Guys

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How To Play: Dragon Fall Guys

Using Mouse

About Dragon Fall Guys

Become a hero during a time of great change:The world has been turned upside-down. The king has been overthrown. Monsters have… By downloading this game, you’re choosing to be part of a new world order. Your actions in the Land Of Fallen Monsters will determine whether tyranny is restored or humanity moves forward into a new age of enlightenment and triumph. As you play, you can choose from four different character classes—Warrior, Magician, Priestess, or Jester—and learn new abilities as you level up. Each class has its own unique fighting style and subtype which weapons prove most effective against them. These attributes are called “classes” in this game but they aren’t really “classes” in the traditional sense. Instead, these are special abilities that each class can learn as it advances through the ranks of the kingdom’s warriors and mages guilds (in other words: there are classes that are more like “

Dragon Fall offers an exciting and action-packed adventure for fans of retro-style games. You play as a dragon slayer named Sol who must explore the Dragon’s Lair to defeat his arch-nemesis, the Molten Dragon. The game takes you through 100 levels that will have you thinking quick on your feet in order to prevent falling rocks from crushing your enemies or meeting your fiery demise at the hands of a lava demon. If you are looking for an arcade action game with RPG elements that will keep you entertained for hours on end, then look no further than Dragon

The world’s ending and you don’t know it. In this dangerous new world, you are a monster hunter who falls into a dark trap to save the life of a little girl. Armed with only your wits and a magical sword, you must explore vast, dark dungeons in search of monsters to kill and spells to learn in order to stay alive. The best way to learn is through killing!