Fall Ball

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How To Play: Fall Ball

Using Mouse

About Fall Ball

This is the Addicting Ball Game You Never Knew You Needed! It’s time to get down and dirty with a game that’ll leave you sweaty and breathless! All you have to do is roll the ball through challenging obstacles, traps, ramps and holes in order to complete the level. The challenge begins when you see a metal ball rolling down a field of green grass. Once it reaches the bottom, it splits into two metal balls. This is where your reaction skills come into play; as now each metal ball has its own path to follow. If you fail to curve one ball towards the other, then both will fall off the cliff and end your run immediately. There are 4 different game modes that will test your skill from start to finish: Campaign, Endless Run, Survival Test and Time Attack. Be careful not to let go of your finger for too long or else you’ll find yourself pulling out your hair sooner than expected! The funnier you play, the harder it Let the dirt fly with Ball

A kid’s game. But, when you play it, you’ll know that it is more than just a kid’s game. Have you had the urge to play a game where you have to keep swinging your hand as fast as possible? With this game, swinging your hand doesn’t require any skills or strength; it is an automatic reflex. So how do you play? You will be given a small ball that will roll down a set of different colored platforms. Your goal is to guide the ball to hit the target at the end of the path so that the ball rolls back again. Sounds easy right? It gets harder and harder as new obstacles are introduced but with enough practice, anyone can master this simple yet 

Spring ball is here, and you’ve been invited to one of the biggest shows on the college baseball calendar. All eyes will be on you today, as you represent your school and try to win the big prize at the end of the day. This is your chance to show everyone what kind of player you truly are. The pressure will be on all of your teammates who have high expectations of you, but if you can keep your cool and execute your pitches perfectly, there’s no telling how far you can go today. Will it be a rocky start for Your School> or will they find their rhythm later in the game? Let’s find out!