GP Ski Slalom

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How To Play: GP Ski Slalom

About GP Ski Slalom

Prepare to hit the slopes in GP Ski Slalom, an immersive HTML5 sports game that brings the exhilarating thrill of skiing right to your fingertips. Navigate through gates, master each track, and strive to set new personal best times in this adrenaline-pumping ski slalom experience. Featuring high-quality 3D graphics and a range of players, including male, female, and even Santa, get ready to carve your way through 12 challenging levels of increasing difficulty.


GP Ski Slalom immerses players in the fast-paced world of slalom skiing. Your objective is to maneuver through a series of gates placed along the ski track, testing your agility and precision. Speed down the slopes, expertly weaving between the gates while aiming to beat your records and improve your lap times with each run.


  • Player Selection: Choose from three different skiers - male, female, or Santa Claus - each with their style and characteristics, adding a touch of fun and variety to your skiing experience.
  • Progressive Difficulty: Tackle 12 levels that gradually increase in difficulty, presenting more challenging courses as you progress. Each level demands sharper skills and quicker reflexes to master.
  • Ski Track Challenges: Navigate through gates strategically placed along the ski track, testing your ability to carve precise paths down the slopes while maintaining speed.
  • Time Improvement: Challenge yourself to beat your best times on each track, striving for continuous improvement and mastery of the slalom courses.
  • High-Quality 3D Graphics: Immerse yourself in the skiing action with stunning visuals that bring the snowy slopes and thrilling skiing experience to life.

GP Ski Slalom promises an exciting skiing adventure, offering a blend of challenging tracks, player variety, and a pursuit of improved lap times. With its diverse player selection and progressively challenging levels, get ready to embrace the rush of skiing while aiming for precision and speed down the slopes.