Happy Hockey!

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How To Play: Happy Hockey!

About Happy Hockey!

Get ready for an exciting hockey-inspired challenge in Happy Hockey, a physics-based game featuring thrilling three-dimensional game art animations. Your goal is clear: launch the ball into the gate across fifty engaging levels. But watch out! While gift boxes are allowed to pass through, obstacles like people and animals must be avoided at all costs. Navigate the puck through the maze of challenges and obstacles, ensuring success while avoiding failure.


Happy Hockey offers a unique blend of physics-based gameplay and precision aiming. Your task is to launch the ball towards the goal, strategically navigating it through each level's obstacles and hurdles. With careful calculation and skillful timing, propel the ball into the gate while ensuring that any forbidden obstacles, such as people and animals, are avoided to prevent failure.


  • Physics-Based Challenges: Engage in a game where physics mechanics play a crucial role in determining the trajectory and movement of the ball. Strategically plan each launch to overcome obstacles and reach the goal.
  • Multiple Levels: Experience fifty challenging levels, each presenting a new set of obstacles and difficulties to test your precision and problem-solving abilities.
  • Goal-oriented Gameplay: Focus on launching the ball into the gate while making sure that the forbidden obstacles, including people and animals, are not allowed to pass through to avoid failure.
  • Interactive Obstacles: Encounter a variety of obstacles that require careful maneuvering and calculated launches to navigate through, adding depth and challenge to each level.
  • Enjoyable Experience: Immerse yourself in the fun and engaging world of Happy Hockey, where precision, strategy, and skill combine to deliver an entertaining gameplay experience.

Happy Hockey promises an entertaining challenge that combines precision aiming with physics-based mechanics. With its diverse levels and engaging obstacles, the game offers a satisfying experience for players aiming to conquer each level while avoiding obstacles to ensure success.