Home Run Derby

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How To Play: Home Run Derby

Using Mouse

About Home Run Derby

Home Run Derby is an exciting and immersive baseball game that puts you in the shoes of a batter from a professional MLB baseball team. Your objective is not just to hit the ball but to consistently achieve home runs and set the highest possible score. With a focus on timing and precision, this game challenges you to deliver powerful hits, aiming for greater distances to earn more points. As you play, you can also earn extra time and strive to win trophies for your outstanding performance.


The gameplay in Home Run Derby revolves around the following key elements:

  • Batter's Perspective: You step into the role of the batter, facing off against the pitcher from the opposing team. Your goal is to make precise hits to score runs for your team.

  • Home Run Challenge: The primary objective is to hit home runs consistently. The farther you hit the ball, the higher your score becomes. Achieving home runs not only contributes to your score but also advances your team's chances of winning.

  • Timing is Critical: The core challenge lies in timing your swing perfectly to connect with the pitched ball. Hitting the ball at the exact right moment ensures a powerful and well-aimed shot.

  • Earn Extra Time: With each successful home run, you can earn extra time, allowing you to extend your gameplay and aim for even more impressive hits.

  • Trophy Achievement: Strive to earn trophies based on your performance. Trophies serve as a testament to your batting skills and overall gameplay prowess.

  • Team Competition: While your individual performance is vital, remember that your team's success hinges on scoring the most runs. Strategically hitting the ball to make it land in the field or delivering strong home runs both contribute to your team's victory.


Home Run Derby offers several functions to enhance the gaming experience:

  • Timing and Precision: The game's core function revolves around timing your swings accurately to maximize your hits and score more runs.

  • Score Tracking: The game keeps track of your scores, allowing you to challenge yourself and compete for high scores.

  • Trophy System: The inclusion of trophies adds a competitive element to the game, motivating players to improve their skills and earn recognition.