Orc Temple Golf

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How To Play: Orc Temple Golf

About Orc Temple Golf

Prepare for a unique and thrilling golfing adventure in Orc Temple Golf, where you'll navigate 18 challenging holes set amidst an ancient temple inhabited by orcs. Your objective is to conquer each hole by sinking the ball in as few attempts as possible. But there's more - earn extra points by skillfully maneuvering through rings, dodging obstacles, and solving puzzling levels for an added challenge and reward.


Orc Temple Golf offers an unconventional yet captivating golfing experience. Each of the 18 holes presents a distinct challenge, combining traditional golf mechanics with innovative twists. Your task is to aim, strategize, and execute shots with precision to guide the ball toward the hole while navigating through intricate obstacles and utilizing puzzling elements.


  • Traditional Golf Mechanics: Employ golfing techniques to aim and control the ball's trajectory, aiming to sink it into the hole in as few strokes as possible.
  • Ring Challenges: Navigate through strategically placed rings along the course to earn extra points, adding an extra layer of skill and challenge to each hole.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Encounter various obstacles strategically placed throughout the course. Dodge these obstacles to prevent detours and maintain your progress toward the hole.
  • Puzzle Elements: Some levels feature puzzle-like elements, requiring critical thinking and creativity to solve, adding a unique dimension to the golfing experience.
  • Point Scoring System: Earn points not only for sinking the ball efficiently but also for successfully navigating through rings, solving puzzles, and avoiding obstacles.

Orc Temple Golf promises an exhilarating golfing journey that blends traditional gameplay with inventive challenges. With its fusion of golf mechanics, obstacle navigation, ring challenges, and puzzle-solving elements, the game invites players to strategize, adapt, and conquer the ancient temple's golf course in the most skillful and inventive ways possible.