Roll The Cube

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How To Play: Roll The Cube

Using Mouse

About Roll The Cube

If you have watched a lot of movies or played many games, then you might have seen a lot of ways to solve puzzles. Scratching your head, moving the cube out of the box, stacking it on top of another, and even cutting it into several smaller cubes. All these methods can be applied to the classic puzzle known as The Cube. The Cube is an object with six different surfaces that are all identical except for one small difference: the position of two opposite faces. When placed in the right way, The Cube will roll itself without any help from anyone. Try solving this classic puzzle by using some new strategies and tactics to beat

Have you ever thought that cubes are so beautiful that they must be taken out of the room, put on a table and made into a game? Well, now you don’t need to do anything but just roll the cube. It will take you to a whole new experience; one which is plenty of fun. The best part about this game is that you don’t need any skills or any special equipment to play it. You can play it anywhere with everyone because no one has to know how much time it takes from your fingertips until your hand touches the cubes back again. All they will see is how fast they can roll 

In this game you can Roll the cube to remove all the same colored blocks from the board. But be careful, if you roll the cube too fast or in the wrong direction then you will end up removing some of your own cubes. If you manage to remove all of your cubes from the board then you will win