Ski Jump 2022

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How To Play: Ski Jump 2022

About Ski Jump 2022

Welcome to Ski Jump 2022, where the exhilaration of Olympic-style ski jumping awaits! Prepare to soar through the skies, competing for medals and striving to achieve the coveted first-ever 200m+ ski jump. With simple tap controls, experience the rush of descending the ramp and executing the perfect jump, followed by skillful balancing of the skier in mid-air.


Ski Jump 2022 immerses players in the adrenaline-filled world of ski jumping. Begin by tapping to send your skier hurtling down the ramp, then tap or click to execute the jump and carefully balance the skier's position in the air. Gauge the timing and precision of your taps to ensure a flawless jump and maximize the distance while maintaining stability mid-flight.


  • Olympic-Style Competition: Compete in a thrilling Olympic-style setting, vying for medals in ski jumping events. Aim for the podium and earn prestigious honors by showcasing your jumping skills.
  • Distance Challenge: Set your sights on achieving the monumental feat of a ski jump exceeding 200 meters. Push the limits of skill and technique to reach new heights in the world of ski jumping.
  • Tap Controls: Utilize intuitive tap controls to initiate the ski jump, control the skier's positioning in mid-air, and ensure a smooth landing. Master the timing and finesse of taps for optimal performance.
  • Balancing Skills: Test your ability to balance the skier while airborne, adjusting their position to maintain stability and maximize the jump's distance.
  • Medal Pursuit: Strive for excellence by aiming for top scores, perfect jumps, and medal-worthy performances in each event, fostering a sense of achievement and competition.

Ski Jump 2022 delivers an immersive and challenging ski jumping experience, offering players the thrill of competing in Olympic-style events while aiming for personal bests and prestigious milestones. With its simple yet engaging tap controls, the game invites players to master the art of ski jumping and reach for the skies in pursuit of glory.