Super Footpool

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How To Play: Super Footpool

About Super Footpool

Super Footpool is a fun and challenging billiard-like soccer game where you must set the angle and power to shoot the ball inside the goal. The game features fast-paced and addictive gameplay, as well as a challenging AI opponent. The goal is to win the World Cup by defeating all the other teams in the tournament.

How to play

To play Super Footpool, simply tap and hold on the screen to aim the ball, and then release your finger to shoot. You can also swipe the ball in a certain direction to give it a spin. The harder you tap, the harder the ball will be shot.

Game rules

The following are the basic game rules of Super Footpool:

  • The goal of the game is to score more goals than your opponent.
  • You can score goals by shooting the ball into the opponent's goal.
  • You can control the ball using your finger.
  • You can pass the ball to your teammates by swiping it in their direction.
  • You can shoot the ball by tapping on the screen.
  • The first team to score five goals wins the match.


Super Footpool features the following functions:

  • Fast-paced and addictive gameplay
  • Challenging AI opponent
  • World Cup tournament
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Global leaderboards

Tips and tricks

  • Aim carefully before you shoot the ball.
  • Try to give the ball a spin to control its direction.
  • Be aware of the position of your opponent and try to anticipate their movements.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things.
  • Practice makes perfect! The more you play, the better you will become at Super Footpool.

Super Footpool is a fun and challenging soccer game that is perfect for players of all ages. With its fast-paced and addictive gameplay, challenging AI opponent, and World Cup tournament, Super Footpool is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Have fun and good luck!